Find freedom from all struggles, including: anxiety/depression, pornography, fear, control, substance abuse, codependency, sexual abuse, same-sex attraction, eating disorders/body image, anger, obsessive thoughts, and any other struggle that has you stuck.

What is re:generation?

Re:generation is a 12-step discipleship ministry based on the principles of healing and life transformation found in the Bible.
 This is a weekly 10-month program commitment.

Weekly Meetings

You will begin each weekly meeting gathered with others in the program to hear stories of life change or teaching through the steps. Then you will split off into small groups of men or women to discuss what you are learning through the curriculum. This is a 10-month program.

Daily Course Work

Each day, you will spend some time working through the re:generation curriculum on your own. The workbooks will guide you through short reading assignments, personal reflection, and response questions.

12 Steps of re:generation

Through re:generation, you’ll work through 12 biblically-based steps that will help you understand and overcome problems in your life.

Change Is Possible

Find freedom from addictions, past hurts, or destructive patterns. Come experience the abundant life God desires for you.

Hear the Testimonies of Life Change

Depression, Loneliness, Alcohol

Evann learns that God is enough to replace alcohol, depression, and loneliness. Transparency with others helped her understand her worth in the God who ultimately changes our hearts.


In Phil's pride, he grew exhausted of trying to gain God's approval and turned to seeking everything the world had to offer. The emptiness he found showed him his need for God's grace.

Insecure, depressed, unworthy

Herschel felt insecure, severely depressed, and unworthy. When he realized the steadfast love of a sovereign God, he trusted in this love which never ceases and can make all things right.

Fear and Anxiety

Bryn drank to mask a need for acceptance. Once she realized her dependence on alcohol was unhealthy, the root causes of fear and anxiety were exposed and she trusted God for peace and courage.

Registration is always open. We will begin groups when we have enough participants for a new group.