ChurchNight is setting aside Wednesday night to be the church!  Some Wednesdays we'll gather AT church for our scheduled Refuel sessions and some Wednesdays we'll function AS the church but not at the campus doing things you've organized on your own to Know God, Make a Difference, Get Connected and Grow Stronger.

 Refuel Sessions in 2023

Wednesday nights on campus a place for all ages 
Wednesday, July 5 - Wednesday, August 9
Wednesday, September 20 - Wednesday, October 25
Between Refuel sessions, the Lord will gift you with opportunities to BE the church by organizing your own unique fellowship, worship, service and study times with others in the community and the church body.

For example, you could spend your ChurchNight:
  • Hosting a game night for your GrowthGroup
  • Gathering around your dinner table to hold a Bible study with your family
  • Ax-throwing for fun during a Guy's Night Out
  • Being an extra set of hands to someone whose home needs a little TLC
  • Babysitting for that couple who desperately needs a date night
  • Taking a meal to that friend who has been under the weather this week
  • Hosting a book club for people in your neighborhood to open up Gospel conversations
  • ...anything the Holy Spirit leads you to do!