As Crossover people, we've been gathering on Wednesday nights to refuel our spiritual lives and connect with our church family for nearly three decades. Sometimes we meet AT the church campus for Refuel sessions, special services or we BE the church by organizing your own opportunities to serve others and spiritually strengthen yourself in the scriptures.

Check the calendar to see if you come to gather AT the church or you BE the church by organizing your own opportunity to be spiritually strengthened within your community.

During our Refuel 6-8 week sessions there's a spot for everyone from infants to seniors so don't miss your chance to be refueled in the midweek by joining us during our sessions throughout the year. Check the calendar to see if we are currently gathering for Refuel.

We feel the pain of the price point everytime we hit the gas station to refuel our vehicles and know that refueling in our country isn’t cheap right now, but do you know what’s free? Gathering this Wednesday night for Refuel to refill spiritually!

Join us in the auditorium during our 6-8 week Refuel sessions throughout the year for a special time of encouragement from Pastor Jonathan, followed by worship and Bible studies for everyone directly after!

6:30pm: Pastor Jonathan hosts a time of spiritual encouragement and the worship team leads us in songs of praise.

7-8pm: Breakout Sessions

We hope to see you there...just make sure you have enough gas to get here!