Begin your journey to a stronger life

Discover your Purpose

We serve as your guide as we follow God's mission.

What is God's mission? It's simple! To reconcile people to Himself through faith in Jesus and mobilize His church to reach people with the Gospel and make disciples who follow Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. Since that is God's mission, it will also remain Crossover's mission!

How do we accomplish that mission?

Two ways! First, you engage in what we call "The Journey" then live out our core values, striving to be: Biblically Rooted , Holy Spirit-Dependent, Connected in Prayer, Devoted Servants, Engaged in Authentic Community, and Genuine Worshippers.

Know God

Make a Difference

Get Connected

Grow Stronger

We desire that with each service you are challenged and changed to be more like Christ. Using your gifts talents and passions to grow stronger together.
We believe each person was created on purpose for a purpose! Members intentionally make a difference in the lives of families in our local church and community.
We connect people to people. We have a place for you wherever you find yourself in your journey with Christ.
Crossover is a place where you can grow stronger by being equipped to know the Bible, deploy your leadership, thrive and live out your God-given purpose. 

What to expect on a Sunday 

You’ll be treated by friendly faces who will gladly direct you to a Guest Service Team Member in a bright blue t-shirt. Our team can give you a tour around campus and help check-in your children. You'll find us dressed casually and most will have drip coffee from our Café in hand.
Getting Connected
Making a Difference
Knowing God

What will you hear?

You'll engage in genuine worship and be trained in Biblical truth.

Begin living a purposeful life

Come as you are

You will find Crossover full of ordinary people just like you living stronger as they stay connected to Jesus.

Know God

We exist to guide you through your Journey to Know God, Make a Difference, Get Connected and Grow Stronger, get started living a purposeful life. Come to Know God through attending our weekly services and begin reading your Bible. Don't have a Bible? No problem! We have one for you at Guest Services in the lobby.

Become family

If you're new around here, you may be wondering what are the next steps to strengthen your connection to our Crossover church body. The answer is simple because it's NextSteps! Our NextSteps is a four-week class held regularly on Sundays at the 11am service hour. 

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