New Member Class

New Member Class

After completing all four sessions of Next Steps, you’re invited to discover membership. At our New Member class, you‘ll learn what it means to be a member here at Crossover. You’ll also get an overview of The Journey, a simple way to understand how best to take advantage of all Crossover has to offer.

The Journey

Know God

Discover your purpose and value.
In this step, you’ll come to know God through a personal and saving relationship with Jesus Christ, discover Crossover through Next Steps, and become part of the family through the New Member class.

Make a Difference

Fulfill your unique purpose.
As part of Knowing God, you’ll discover areas of your own strengths and spiritual giftings. As part of that process, you’ll also be invited to meet a need or fill a service role within the body and participate in outreach.

Get Connected

Begin doing life with others.
The next part of your journey includes the simple act of showing up. There are opportunities for prayer, Bible studies, fellowship and churchwide events so make a point to be there and start building relationships within the body.  

Grow Stronger

Build meaningful relationships and thrive.
You can’t grow in isolation. The final step in The Journey is to join a Growth Group and weave yourself into our strengthening, spiritual community.

Church Membership

Church membership is not man’s idea; it is assumed throughout the Bible. While we acknowledge that all believers in Jesus Christ are positionally members of the universal “big C” Church, we believe participation and commitment in a local church body should be a normal act of obedience for all true believers in Jesus Christ in light of the passages below. Like every local church, Crossover has been designed like a body, love like a family and grow stronger together.

New Member Interest Form